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 on: Yesterday at 11:20:27 pm 
Started by Frank Caridi - Last post by Mike Pyle
Right now the Yamaha DXS18 has a $200 manufacturer rebate. It does have a full crossover with selectable frequencies.

 on: Yesterday at 11:16:07 pm 
Started by Taylor Phillips - Last post by Stephen Kirby
MG mixers and GTD mics may be entirely appropriate for a school play...
Yep, I use one for dance company recitals and such when there aren't many inputs.  I have 6 and a 16 channel ones.  Throw and go.

Unless someone is getting sophisticated with scenes and such a fancy digital board could be overkill.  They aren't doing all kinds of fancy effects and mixing.  Just a few wireless lavs (all the same so no need for elaborate individual eq) and maybe some SFX off a laptop.

 on: Yesterday at 11:10:41 pm 
Started by Bill Hornibrook - Last post by Stephen Kirby
Maybe not as convenient but if there's a line in you could use a small recording pre.  Even something like a GAP 73 where you can overdrive it and get that nasty shouting sound that cuts right through.  ;)

 on: Yesterday at 10:28:46 pm 
Started by Helge A Bentsen - Last post by Matthew Knischewsky
I wonder if this is the start of a new trend for FOH people, instead of the double-wide outboard gear racks of ye olde analog days, the FOH person might have something like the guitarists pedal board, but on his bigger mixing desk. Think of all the sliders and knobs and blinky lights, oh my.

I've been known to use guitar pedals at FOH... I have done simple mods to make them more useful in some cases. Can never have too many knobs and blinky lights!

 on: Yesterday at 10:14:46 pm 
Started by Jerry Prince - Last post by eric lenasbunt
I use an itech 12k occasionally with the SRX728s. Honestly we’ve been using the 4880 preset settings and they crush. We also have not blown them up.
That’s my super technical solution. Haha.

They difference between the 12k and our XTI and even QSC pL Series is astounding. The itechs sound great on the JBL subs and our EAW subs

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 on: Yesterday at 09:54:44 pm 
Started by Kevin Conlon - Last post by Kevin Conlon
I'd look at Powersoft or Linea.  If you're used to "big iron", short/thick cabling - many of the cheaper lightweight amps could leave you wanting, especially on longer-duration notes. 

Especially on subwoofers, various amps that all claim 1,600w at 4 ohms won't perform the same. 

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Thanks, i have heard good things about both. Having time is on my side, as i have spares. Money is a concern to a degree, as it should be, but quality is more to me. I can imagine an inuke shitting out on a low keyboard part but for a backup, maybe. Spend some to make some more. ROI is supposed to be our friend. I know i brought up the inuke i think it would get me all i want as a just in case.

 on: Yesterday at 09:52:44 pm 
Started by Al Rettich - Last post by brian maddox
Nope. Federal law only requires overtime after 40 hours in a pay period, and a 30 minute meal break every shift. There's no laws that dictate how long you can work straight. I've done 18 hours straight for the City with no overtime. Then my boss gave me a couple extra days off that week so I wouldn't go into overtime.

I know. I was being safeeshus...  😀

 on: Yesterday at 09:35:08 pm 
Started by Mike Monte - Last post by Steven Eudaly
I know that Berringer has a 4 channel amp but.........B...........
What I need: one four channel amp, 200 watt per channel @ 8 ohms.

FWIW, we installed four iNuke NU6000DSPs in a budget school install about two years ago and have had zero issues.

 on: Yesterday at 09:34:24 pm 
Started by Bill Hornibrook - Last post by Paul G. OBrien
I picked up an NI Traktor S5 controller with a mic input - which among other things will allow me to ditch the mixer.

I bet the controller is the problem. You would think they would manage to include a 1/2 decent mic preamp in a $1000 piece of equipment but I know from first hand experience the mic preamp in the Pioneer DDJ series consoles are total crap.

 on: Yesterday at 09:34:17 pm 
Started by Kevin Conlon - Last post by Kevin Conlon
Yeah every few months I end up looking at amps for an install and pld consistently comes in on top of price vs performance.

Inuke DSP would be my low end pick. Just get something with 1.5-2x the power you think you need.

An other option is ashly  (compared to QSC not inuke haha)

High end would be powersoft/linea research.
I thought about the inuke as a get by, just seems to cheap, but the show would go on.  I like the ashly gear i have and have good results with them. I will check on them. I have 3 spares now ( 4 if this one is fixable) so no hurry. Thanks for the advice.

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