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 on: Today at 03:47:49 pm 
Started by Chris Poynter - Last post by Craig Hauber
Hey everyone, I'm hoping that you'll have some suggestions for a decent battery-powered PA speaker, such as the Denon Envoi.

There are so many of these speakers out there, with both good and bad reviews, but maybe someone in this group has used one before that they would like to recommend?

I want something that is battery-powered, has a built-in wireless mic, and some kind of aux input. It would be used mainly for small to medium sized wedding ceremonies, in remote locations.

Thanks for your help!  :)

Anchor Audio has been in the self-contained battery-powered business longer than most.

 on: Today at 03:38:12 pm 
Started by Mike Santarelli - Last post by Craig Hauber
I'm doing a small festival and they are going with a 25kw generator. Leaving my Honda 6500 out this time around.

The generator has three settings I'm aware of
Single phase 120/240
Three phase 120/208
Three phase 277/480

I don't have a ton of experience on this topic and figured I'd research before I run into trouble.

What setting should I be using? This will be powering digital mixers and srx800p as well as the stage.

I'm fairly certain 277/480 is for heavy equipment use and not good for sensitive electronics.. I just want to take precaution and keep my gear safe.

Any help would be appreciated. I provided lighting using a similar unit and it was set to 120/240 single phase with no issues. In fact, when It was first fired up it wasn't doing well set to the 277/480 running incandescent tent lighting. It would stall. The guys I was working with switched it before we plugged any of our gear in because we feared over voltage.

I know running single phase cuts power by 30% or so but I really only need three 20 amp lines; four max.

Seeking out the more knowledgeable folks for advice.

If you are doing cord-and-plug type low-power gear (and not sharing it with any other trades/vendors) then for your use it will be on the first setting (120/240) -just like your home service. 

However, since units with those type of selector switches generally don't have receptacles on them you are going to need a distro anyways (so the correct switch-position-answer is a moot point.)
Sometimes there will be a panel accessory outlet near all the controls and gauges,  -but all that machine just to run 1 outlet is ridiculous.

Somebody has to own or rent that set if it's not yours? -they are the one you should be asking. 

In fact, just telling them what type of power you need and where you need it should be your only interaction, how they get it to you and how they set their plant up is not even your concern. (because if it isn't correct you don't plug in until it is)

 on: Today at 03:37:00 pm 
Started by Mike Santarelli - Last post by Mike Santarelli
All points taken and understood. Thanks for the advice.

Everything will be handled professionally to ensure proper operation. I got ahead of myself thinking into it and jumped the gun posting. Stuff I've used in the past was already set up and operated flawlessly. The reason I questioned was because of the one experience I had where the rental company just dropped a generator and left.  I read up on the model and found the answers to things I mentioned in my OP. I'll be sure to make sure everything is setup and verified by an electrician before the unit is delivered.

Mods, please feel free to delete this thread.

 on: Today at 03:27:09 pm 
Started by Marcel de Graaf - Last post by Tom Danley

I am just curious as the web site was fascinating.  In general price ranges is the TEF25 and a functional set of software licenses about the same as SMAART or a whole different league of pricing?

What year did the original tracking filter come into play?  Around 1984/5 these Z axis test sets started to emerge on the RF scene that were fast enough to tune cavities and such in real time.  This was the parlance of complex factory labs previously.  I was wondering if this technology was available in the AF space at the same time?

Hi Scott
His first AES paper on TDS appears to have been in 1967 but I am not sure when he began working on TDS. 
Doug Jones was curator for the Heyser archives and it was cool looking through the shelves, he was a Diy’r, a Ham operator and loved audio.
I have to say Dick Heyser was one brilliant guy and having had a TEF to use and explore things with since the early days at Intersonics, the TEF machine changed my life (in addition to making my right arm longer carrying a TEF 10)

 on: Today at 03:13:04 pm 
Started by David Allred - Last post by John Roberts {JR}
Venezuela is going through a very contentious period where some protestors are being killed the old fashioned way. Consumer safety is pretty low on the list of government concerns.


 on: Today at 03:13:03 pm 
Started by Mike Diack - Last post by Tom Bourke
Hmmmmm, why are there 2 wires running to it?

Sent from my VS987 using Tapatalk
The second wire is going to the speaker on the left.

 on: Today at 02:48:18 pm 
Started by Bobby Dobson - Last post by Mac Kerr
........Any help on what is goin on?   Thx

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 on: Today at 02:47:50 pm 
Started by Andrew Broughton - Last post by Mike Ottinger
Yes, always green once I disable the WiFi driver, but I haven't run it while recording. As you can see, I get latency errors even when not recording showing up in DC.No, just independent drives, and as I mentioned, very high speed SSDs.
I have been having the same issue, Just wandering if your laptop is a quad core i7? 
I have a T520 dual core with 16 gig of ram and 256 G SSD.  Also 7200 750 g drive in bay.  I have given up trying to record with DVS.  Same problem all is well then occasional glitches.

Pyramid Sound Works

 on: Today at 02:46:04 pm 
Started by Mike Santarelli - Last post by Stephen Swaffer

Understandable but everyone had to start somewhere and either asked for help or learned through experience.

I understand the need for this to be done properly and why I seek advice here.

I just spent some time reading through the manual and think I understand how to run it and why a similar unit wasn't working properly on a past gig. Also, some things I assumed were not correct. Probably should have done that first before seeking advice and seeming ignorant.

I agree that everyone has to start somewhere.  Getting advice on which speakers to use or how to connect a powered box vs a passive, etc. is a good use for a forum like this.  If you already have a good basic understanding of power and distribution, this is not a bad place to gt a clarification or learn the best way to deal with unusual circumstances.

Frankly, your OP shows a serious lack of basic understanding.  This post mentions "things I assumed".  When dealing with power doing it wrong can be very expensive-if you are lucky.  Doing it wrong can leave you or others dead.

The story about having it setup to run incandescent lighting on 277/480 and having it stall scares me-switching it to 120/208 3 phase or 120/240 single phase should not have worked with incandescent lighting setup for 277/480 (maybe it could on some newer flourescent ??).  You need to get a skilled electrician involved-that is a much smaller group than those who call themselves "electricians."  Spend the money to make sure it is right.  Even if it "works", it may not be safe because of bonding & grounding-safety concerns that way too many non-electricians have no clue and no concern regarding.

 on: Today at 02:41:44 pm 
Started by Bobby Dobson - Last post by Bobby Dobson
Can p16s run a powered floor wedge or are they just for inear systems?

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