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 on: Today at 02:50:43 pm 
Started by Chrysander 'C.R.' Young - Last post by Chrysander 'C.R.' Young
I'm confused.

If they work well, and sound good, why are you selling them instead of continuing to use them?

If you do want to be rid of them, perhaps you could donate them to your local school...with full disclosure about their questionable pedigree.


I am not selling them at this time.  Just soliciting advice on what to do with them.  I prefer not to keep them as I have no use for the Fakeheisers, but, yes, donating them did cross my mind - with full disclosure, of course.

 on: Today at 02:44:15 pm 
Started by Nick Andrews - Last post by Mike Sokol
P.S. -- somebody may be thinking that installing a permanent outlet would be a capital improvement that must be put out to bid, and there's insufficient time to go through that process before things have to roll. But maybe not -- many municipalities have policies that allow small projects to be done without going through the whole bid process.
A few of our regular corporate and municipal gigs can put any kind of service on their department credit card up to a certain dollar amount without any bidding process. But go one penny over the threshold $ number and a whole lotta paperwork starts. So find out what that dollar about is and you might be able to make it happen.

 on: Today at 02:43:27 pm 
Started by alex.cerutti - Last post by Kevin Maxwell
Hello all, as the title says does any one know how to change the order of scenes on a CL5?


In the CL computer editing software you can drag them singly or multiple scenes. Be sure to have a label on each scene or you will get lost quickly. If you click on one and drag it to a blank spot it will copy the scene to that spot and leave the original where it was. If you click on one and drag it between 2 scenes it will move it between the scenes and shift everything.  If you drag on to where there is already an existing scene it will overwrite the existing scene. If you hold down shift and click multiple scenes the behavior is as described above just for multiple scenes. If you control click (I wouldn’t recommend you do that) it will not insert those scenes it will overwrite a bunch of scenes. I don’t know how this works on an actual console.   

 on: Today at 02:40:47 pm 
Started by Dave Guilford - Last post by Mark Wilkinson
Are not some speakers louder at distance then others with the same startng SPL? 

On axis for 'understanding' is no, one speaker will not be louder than another with the same starting spl taken at the same distance.
(provided starting spl is from equal frequency ranges with relatively flat magnitude response thru the ranges, and that the chosen starting distance is past the nearfield for both speakers...)

 on: Today at 02:07:32 pm 
Started by Debbie Dunkley - Last post by Debbie Dunkley
The two hi-z inputs becomes noisy if they aren't terminated. This is normal behavior due to thermal noise...

Thanks Robert..
The 2 channels I quoted were as examples, it happens to all of the channels when open and the fader is up. Channel 3 does the same thing and it is not hi-z.... although not quite as bad.
I have just never really noticed before - not to this extent anyway. Its not a problem I suppose as I just know to keep the faders down when not in use - which I do anyway.

 on: Today at 02:06:32 pm 
Started by alex.cerutti - Last post by alex.cerutti
Hello all, as the title says does any one know how to change the order of scenes on a CL5?


 on: Today at 02:00:09 pm 
Started by Debbie Dunkley - Last post by Robert Lofgren
The two hi-z inputs becomes noisy if they aren't terminated. This is normal behavior due to thermal noise...

 on: Today at 01:52:45 pm 
Started by Tim Weaver - Last post by Josh Millward
I know I'm a young buck, but if I was hobbying and had unlimited money/time to throw at it I'd find myself the best sounding sound system and use that. I'd rather mix/listen to a giant stereo system that I own and love than anything else.

That having been said, I'm not 100% sure what system I want most because I haven't listened to a ton of systems. BUT, what I imagine I want is SH50 over DBH218. But that is heavy, so unless I have minions to do my bidding I'll be looking to save my back and thus DSL SM100 + THMinis gets my vote.

Along those lines but smaller...

Last week I was fortunate to be able to demo an SH95 with the TH Mini sub. All in all, this is a compact and cost efficient system that is surprisingly capable in output level. While it is no SH50, it is much smaller and lighter.

If you were looking for even lower cost a pair of Go2 8cx with stand adapters mounted to the yoke bracket. This way you can get the height you need to cover an area and the down tilt you would want if you run the stands way up in the air. Of course a couple TH Mini's or TH Mini15's would make a great low end for this setup.

 on: Today at 01:31:41 pm 
Started by Debbie Dunkley - Last post by Debbie Dunkley
I think the XR has 2.4 but no 5,  Dual band is a nice thing. 
Carry two of them.  They can always be plugged up quick. 

Go to the behringer pages and request alternate faces.  changing the face colors to be sun friendly may help.

I always take my 2 Airport Expresses with me to shows so I'll not even attempt the built in WAP in the field. Nice to test things out with though.

Ironically....... I have problems sometimes staying connected to the Samsung when used live with the QU PAC and QU16 but the iPod is rock solid. This has been the case since the beginning but is far less of a problem these days since I took the advice of folks here regarding WAP client set up on the Samsung. But it still happens once in a while - I have learned to live with it as it never affects the show.
HOWEVER, I haven't had a single drop out in the few days I've been playing with the 2 apps using the 2.4ghz.
I realize that I am sitting within a few feet of the mixer and I don't have the wifi traffic I would have at a show but that seems to make no difference when I use the Samsung tablet with the QU mixers. The Samsung seems to prefer the XR18 to the QU's ( or the other way round)

 on: Today at 01:22:54 pm 
Started by Debbie Dunkley - Last post by Debbie Dunkley
The Behringer P16m system can solve your iem problems.  16 ultranet channels per mixer with full control of pan, eq, limiter etc. per channel, reasonable price.  Frees up mix busses for other functions, if needed.

-Tim T

Thanks Tim but I'm keeping the cost down on this investment so I'll just make do with what I have... nice to know I have the option though.

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