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 on: Today at 03:39:03 pm 
Started by Ed Ring - Last post by Ed Ring
New here . . . searched, but didn't find an answer, so asking:

Using a dozen Chauvet SlimPar ProH (RGBAW-UV) fixtures, but can't seem to get the deep colors I'm looking for:

Red - want Roscolux 027, but getting something with a bit more orange than I want
Green - want Roscolux 091, but getting something with more yellow
Blue - want Roscolux 382, but getting something lighter/brighter
Purple - want Roscolux 059, but can't seem to quite get there . . . the UV color is very close, but it also adds the whole 'black light' effect, which is not always desired.

All RGB settings are full-on (255), with only the R, or G, or B emitters active (except for the purple, duh).

Is it my color mixing?  The LEDs themselves?  I see the colors I want in, say, certain Martin fixtures (and others) . . . is there a difference in the LEDs being used?  Suggestions?

 on: Today at 03:06:23 pm 
Started by Dan Mortensen - Last post by Dan Mortensen
This answer came yesterday:

"It's actually not a mistake but a specification we have to meet for UL.

  "While it is true the 12/3 component of this cable will handle 300 volts
without a problem, the overall cable can only be rated to the lowest rated
components in the cable per UL.

"Which in this case is the 24 AWG components, per EIS approvals with U.L.
this component can only be rated for 30 volts, hence the 30volt rating on
the overall cable."

So that means no component of the assembly can be used at voltages higher than 30 Volts?

Or am I missing something about cable ratings?

 on: Today at 02:52:08 pm 
Started by Tony Mamoh - Last post by Tony Mamoh
 I've read the two page spec sheet of the JBL PRX 725, and can't seem to find any statement about a cooling fan. So does any one know for certain if a (thermostatically controlled?) cooling fan is built in? I know theres a huge  heat sink though.

I apologize if this was discussed in earlier threads but I haven't seen explicit confirmation in my quick search.

 on: Today at 02:43:15 pm 
Started by Lauritz Leiber - Last post by John L Nobile
I used to use VCA's to control a group of channels that I didn't need to be processed and groups for channels that did. One thing that I don't like about digital boards is flipping pages. So when I use an X32 I use the DCA's to control channels on page 2 so I don't have to flip back and forth. Usually I put vocals on my DCA's. And I don't use subgroups anymore. Probably cause every channel has so much eq and dynamics control.

So it's convenience over function for me.

 on: Today at 02:29:22 pm 
Started by Josh Billings - Last post by John L Nobile
It all depends on the style of music. We have a room at the resort that sounds great with an orchestra or big horn band but horrible with anything that's amplified.

I think that whatever room you design, you'll need a lot of budget for adjustable acoustic systems. One size will not fit all.

 on: Today at 02:04:13 pm 
Started by Dan Richardson - Last post by Rick Powell
Ha ha ha ha .... too funny Tim but SO true.. only a greater power can help me now...Does anyone know the first step of the 12?

To admit that we are powerless over the spec sheet, and that our storage space has become unmanageable.

 on: Today at 02:04:12 pm 
Started by Brian Ingwell - Last post by Ray Aberle
I'm not certain auto-switchover is an advantage here. My experience with Dante is that it wants to see PRIMARY on PRIMARY and SECONDARY on SECONDARY. It auto-switches to Secondary in the case of Primary failure. If your switch auto-switches, if Primary goes down, then it's going to auto-magically connect the Primary link to the Secondary link, and I think that's going to freak Dante out.

I, personally, would keep them physically separated.


 on: Today at 02:00:43 pm 
Started by Josh Billings - Last post by Mark Cadwallader
I'd start with a serious study of La Scalla and the other great opera venues in the world.

 on: Today at 01:55:19 pm 
Started by Jim Rutherford - Last post by Mark Cadwallader
Cycle the mic/line button a number of times to clean any corrosion on the contacts?  IIRC others have had similar problems with the prx series (various vintages).

 on: Today at 01:55:18 pm 
Started by Brian Ingwell - Last post by Scott Holtzman
So, I'm going to sort of have to, ummmmm, disagree here...

Please accept this in the spirit that it is intended. No offense is meant, but I'm here wondering-- I get trying to make a new solution work. I know that often times in our industry we're getting to forge new territory, balancing the needs of our clients with the technical side of production. And, if this was a situation where it was ten or twenty grand of capital outlay to make this special setup work, I'd have to think long and hard before spending that amount of scratch unless I knew damn well that I would be able to utilize it again in the future (and therefore recoup my investment on the equipment involved).

But this is less than $400 of switches (quick internet search for the Cisco part number shows they are available for less than $200 each). And, even with a properly set VLAN configuration that's not unhappy, what happens if this hair-trigger setup burps on site, and suddenly the VLANs fail and everything takes a dump? "Hi Client, sorry our network failed, but I was trying to save $400."

To be absolutely candid, I would rather just spend the $400 (you're already running 2 lines to each point *anyways*) and have the assurance that everything was rock solid and will work how I expect it will.

My apologies for trying to 'turn this discussion into the pros and cons of this setup,' as you specifically asked in your initial posting that you DIDN'T want to happen... I just wouldn't want to spend this much time and effort trying to get this setup to work reliably when I could just spend a small amount of money and have it done correctly from the beginning.

Back to the smart people and their networking lingo. :)

Hi Ray,. They are cheap stitches, but I have never seen then die and stop forwarding. 

VLAN's have been in use 25 years and are a simple technology.

The advantage on one switch and two aggregated uplinks (LAG) is auto switchover.

If you want to put two switches in for redundancy you put them in a stack configuration that merhes the switching plane and a member of the LAG in each switch.  Now you have redundancy and failover.

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