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 on: Today at 10:10:02 am 
Started by Nathan Riddle - Last post by Riley Casey
Yikes, glad I've set all my WAPs to hidden networks  :o

... re wifi passwords, there's one password that gets you into the WAPs of multiple consoles across 4 companies (ours included) here in the PNW. I can go to someone else's show, and if I see "CL5 Control" or whatever as a broadcasting WAP, probably get in to it. :-D

The good thing is, tho, that you don't have to remember multiple passwords, especially if you're working across companies, as several people do. [Same reason for common length-color-coding.]


 on: Today at 09:41:38 am 
Started by Ivan Beaver - Last post by David Allred
I have no idea what to say.

Seriously, it must do something, and must improve audio in some situation.  Place one in an anechoic chamber and I bet it improves the sound field greatly.

 on: Today at 08:31:53 am 
Started by Pete Erskine - Last post by brian maddox
It is probably more important for the human ear to be "burned in" prior to a mixing/practice session than for the cables to be.


All this talk of measuring things that i can or cannot hear amuses me.

If there is one thing that i have learned from a few years of working in this field is that human hearing is Subjective, not Objective.  It varies wildly from person to person.  It also varies wildly from moment to moment in the SAME person.

This leads to a couple of seemingly contradictory corollaries.

1.  Using human ears [even "golden" ones] as the definitive testing system for an audio device or system of devices is inherently flawed, as the testing system itself cannot produce consistent results.

2.  But....  Ultimately, no one watches music on an oscilloscope  They listen to it with human ears.  Therefore, If it sounds good it IS good, regardless of what the empirical measurement devices may indicate. 

So do i believe that you can 'burn in' cables for better audiophile results?  No, i do not.  But there are those that do.  There are those that purchase this item and hear better results from their system as a result. 

Is it confirmation bias on their part?  Probably.  But to them it sounds good and therefore it IS good.

I'm sure if i used this same device i would hear absolutely no change in the audio after it's use.  But who knows.  Maybe the one with the confirmation bias is Me....

 on: Today at 08:27:39 am 
Started by David Winners - Last post by David Winners
Yes, but do you grind the beans straight into the filter and brew the cups individually?

Alas, I do not, for everything is a compromise.

 on: Today at 08:25:40 am 
Started by David Winners - Last post by Peter Morris
Thanks Peter.

I was looking at building some PM90 or 60 cabinets but didn't get any response (on another forum) from Max about flat packs or anyone about processing. I don't have the measurement experience to dial them in and would need presets for DSP.

Hi David thanks for the interest in the PM60/90.  Sorry you didn’t get a response, but unfortunately I don’t have settings for the Behringer DCX2496 that you requested.

I have posted settings using FIR and or IIR filters and crossovers for a Lake LM26 on the forum, but these would not work with the DCX2496.  I was hoping that perhaps some of the other builders may develop settings for alternative processors.

Just to put some perspective on this design – It has typically about 10dB more output than the SM80 and an excellent frequency and phase response. The “holy grail” of a speaker design is often consider its ability to reproduce an acoustic square wave - The PM90/60 will do this both on and off both axes … but it come at a cost $$$.  It uses very expensive drivers, its complex to build and it was designed to be used with a significant amount of high-end DSP processing.

The idea was to produce a speaker with as much SPL and sound quality (above 100Hz) that could be mounted on a pole i.e. less than 80lbs.  There are a lot of very good speakers out there that can be pole mounted and there didn’t seem to be any point in building a DIY project to replicate their performance, so the design ended up being complex and expensive.

I also have to also say that both the SM80 and JTR 3TX are great speakers, especially for the price.  I have actually built something very similar to the 3TX. It now uses 2 x 10” drivers and a BMS4594HE compression driver, similar to BMS4593 used in the 3TX and it is a similar weight and format. Although it has been upgraded several times I have been using this design for almost 20 years. I must say it has been the most useful hard working box I have owned.

FWIW I don’t think you will go wrong with any of the 3 boxes you listed - Good luck with what every you choose  :)

 on: Today at 08:21:11 am 
Started by Ivan Beaver - Last post by Chris Hindle

Ummm. Class A, with 2 output tubes ?
I don't think so.......
More "Class A" Hogwash i guess.

 on: Today at 07:26:13 am 
Started by Ivan Beaver - Last post by Steve M Smith

I think I will get a few of those to power my monitors.


 on: Today at 07:15:26 am 
Started by Ivan Beaver - Last post by Ivan Beaver

Just having a picture of it open on my ipad made a concert 1000km away go off without a hitch.

HEY-Don't laugh

Here is a tweak that will treat your phone so that any audio near you and y our phone will sound better

And if you want the "ultimate clock" check this out

 on: Today at 02:42:18 am 
Started by Scott Holtzman - Last post by Scott Holtzman
Depends on the DC.  When I worked for IBM the DC I was in was owned by a large financial/credit card company.  Took up a complete city block, 7 floors.  3 floors were over 90% raised floor, one giant room on each of them.  1 floor was lab and receiving, 1 floor was environment control, 1 floor of garage, and 1 floor of office space.  I think it was about 200K sqft total raised floor.  Don't have any pictures 'cause those would get you fired.

To answer everyone's questions.  It is a small data center but that is just one room.  Yes I used to own the company but I sold my interest in December and I am a director of Net Ops at the company that purchased me so I that's why I can take pictures. 

This is a shared space.  Mostly telecom stuff.  Where the TDM network gets converted to Internet protocols. 

Two genny's serve the whole facility, it's very small compared to some of the "mega" facilities.  It is almost NEBS levels 3 so more than adequate as one of the three DC's that comprise are VoIP network.  We are a speck on the beach in the CLE data center, these folks treat us like kings. 

I never walked out back to see the size of the gensets but probably in the 500kw range. 

I am sure that Bob will agree,  having 30 years of working on telco power systems gives a firm foundation for production work. 

Just thought I would share a little glimpse into my "other vocation:.

Crazy me got off the plane at 10:00PM, put on a t-shirt and loaded the truck for tomorrow's shows. 

 on: Today at 01:48:27 am 
Started by Mike Sokol - Last post by Mike Sokol
Another reason to run that "little mixer" on 208-240  :)

Somehow I knew that was coming... 🤔

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