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 on: Today at 06:24:03 pm 
Started by LeVan Moxley - Last post by LeVan Moxley
Tell us about the venues.  Indoors or outdoors?  What sort of size, shape, and ceiling height?

Indoors, 40' wide, 60' deep, 23'ceiling, square room.

 on: Today at 05:35:26 pm 
Started by Dustin Campbell - Last post by Kirby Yarbrough
assign a soft key to Mute “all” as a holy shit button.

And another one just to mute all fx, mostly to turn them off for the between-song band chatter.

 on: Today at 05:32:56 pm 
Started by Jonathan Goodall - Last post by LeVan Moxley
Sweetwater is showing SQ7's in stock and available for immediate delivery.  Anyone know of availability anywhere else?

 on: Today at 05:29:53 pm 
Started by TJ (Tom) Cornish - Last post by LeVan Moxley
Sweetwater is showing SQ7's in stock and available for immediate delivery.

 on: Today at 05:11:24 pm 
Started by Mac Kerr - Last post by John Roberts {JR}
And both in the visitor's locker room at a hockey arena.

Only the home team has free beer in the locker room...


 on: Today at 04:33:08 pm 
Started by LeVan Moxley - Last post by Lyle Williams
I'm needing to put together a small system that will be mainly used for folk, jazz trio or quartet, or bluegrass.  Crowd size will be around 200-250.  I'm leaning towards a pair of K10.2's and I'm wanting a sub, or subs, to go with them.  I've listened to a pair of KW181's that I wasn't too crazy about.  Name a sub that I should check out.  Thanks.

Tell us about the venues.  Indoors or outdoors?  What sort of size, shape, and ceiling height?

 on: Today at 04:17:40 pm 
Started by Steve Garris - Last post by Steve Garris
I've been a regular on the Lounge forum, and decided to move to also doing wedding DJ events this year. I've been mixing live rock bands for 30 years, on big & small systems. My freind asked me a year ago to provide the audio for his daughters wedding, and play some Spotify tracks for the reception.

This wedding was yesterday, and I learned a lot from this single experience. This was an outdoor ceremony, with a large 300 person tent-like structure for the reception. The venue was absolutely beautiful, exceeding my expectations. There was a no sub rule, and strict SPL limits, so after talking to the people in charge I left my subs at home.

For the outdoor ceremony I deployed a single Yamaha DSR112. I brought two, but due to cable running restrictions I only could use one, which turned out to be more than enough. I used my Mackie iPad mixer for the event, and played music for the aisle walk, and before & after. I purchased two medium quality wireless mic's for the ceremony; a Senn EW135 G3 handheld, and a Shure BLX W85 Lav mic. The lav was on the officiant, and the handheld on a straight mic stand between the bride & groom. My mixer and mic transmitters were a good 150 ft away. Both mics worked flawlessly and the ceremony was heard very clearly by everyone (we had about 200 people). For announcements I used wired SM58's.

Inside I had a pair of PRX615's running full range. The music sounded excellent inside with this rig. I was limited to 90 db at my mixing/DJ table with the meter pointing out to the crowd. The system was barely breathing at this level, and once the party got kicking I really wanted to give it more, but relented to the venue bosses (they were fantastic to work with).

Prior to the event, I was having major concerns about my preparedness. I was overly concerned about my MC capabilities, almost to the point of having a panic attack! Turns out, I was over reacting and I fell right in to it as the party went along - actually enjoyed it a great deal. The most satisfying part was being told by my friend that several attendees were asking "where did you find that DJ, he's really great"! Personally, I'm a perfectionist, and I give myself a B- for this first DJ gig.

What I got right:
Great sound - I know how to make a mic sound good - no feedback, nice warm audio.
I MC'd the entire wedding, and felt I did as good as many DJ's I've watched on Youtube.
Last year I purchased a giant LOVE sign with back-lit letters, 4 ft tall. This was placed in front of my table and was a huge hit. It's styrofoam, so lightweight but bulky.
I read the crowd, and ended up not playing much of the music given to me by the bride. The people dancing were 40 something year old moms & husbands, so I ended up playing disco dance classics. I kept the dance floor packed right up to the end. I received $200 in tips.

What I got wrong:
Spotify on iPads & iPod's. This is lame & I know it. Just didn't have time to put anything better together. I'm going to get a dedicated pc laptop for all future gigs, with a digital DJ player, and a much larger library of music. I do not feel the need for one of those DJ mixers to do weddings.
I used my live band light-tree pointed at the dance floor for lighting. While this thing looks great behind a drummer (it's sound activated), it wasn't right for dancing. I'm going to pick up a couple of disco lights for future weddings.

 on: Today at 04:08:54 pm 
Started by Mac Kerr - Last post by Mac Kerr
Just for my curiosity, what do you mean when you say “doing comms”...?

Providing the communications infrastructure for a digital matrix and RF production intercom system. In this case it means setting up and programming 4 Riedel Artist racks and 20 Riedel Bolero 6ch RF intercom packs, with 4 antenna trancievers, and 12 16ch hardwired intercom panels as well as about 12 2ch digital wired comm packs. This is all connected by a ring of 8 strand fiber of which we are using 4 strands. The panels are connected to the racks by either coax or Cat 5, the wired packs by AES rated shielded twisted pair.


 on: Today at 04:05:40 pm 
Started by Jesper Kragh - Last post by Jesper Kragh
Hello all

This is my first post on these forums, so please be gentle :D

I currently have two RCF 745A's and two EV EKX 15SP's and i loooove the sound of the system. But the system is ofcourse underpowered with those subs. I originally bought them because they would fit in my last car.

Now i want to upgrade my subs to something that will fit the tops better. The ones i have been looking at so far are:

2 x RCF SUB 905-AS II
2 x RCF SUB 8003-AS II
1 x RCF SUB 8004-AS (And maybe get one more later, when money allows it)
1 x JBL SRX828SP
2 x EV ETX 15sp

They are used exclusively for electronic music. I don't have much experience in putting a system together, but i do like the tight sound of the 15" drivers in my ekx's, they just arent loud enough.

Do any of you have any recommendation regarding the subs above, or maybe even some i haven't yet looked at. I'm situated in Denmark, so US only subs please :)

 on: Today at 03:31:15 pm 
Started by Gordon Brinton - Last post by Riley Casey
Small and cheap will do the trick, really.  The psychoacoustics of delay speakers mean that lows and highs don't contribute to the desired balance.  Go raid a pawn shop for some old column speakers retired from a school cafeteria. Drive them thru a digital EQ / delay /limiter like an Ashly 4.24. ( real cheap on Ebay ).  500 - 5k hz should do fine, hard limit as needed and you'll be fine.

I feel fairly certain that small delay fills are the answer here.

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