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 on: Today at 06:33:06 pm 
Started by Selena Davies - Last post by Brian Adams
I'll have to amend my earlier statement! I don't have an X32 set up right now, but there's a full size M32 in the other room, so it's still an apples to apples comparison. The home button alone can of course lock the console, as can the home button with 1 or more other buttons, up to and including all of them. An 8 button combination is a little hard to press though, you have to use lots of fingers.

I don't have an M32R here to compare it to right now, but it might be different since it has a couple additional buttons on the side of the screen.

 on: Today at 06:28:47 pm 
Started by Debbie Dunkley - Last post by Ray Aberle
Do prices update with 20% off in a shopping cart?

What is the 20% off of? MSRP? Or MAP/Street?

I wouldn't be so quick to exclaim "price scam!" without seeing exactly what they're doing... yeah, sometimes things might seem sketchy/very careful interpretation, but not actually a scam.

-Ray "Devil's Advocate" Aberle

 on: Today at 06:26:16 pm 
Started by Michael Hogeland - Last post by Mark Wilkinson

Simply "doing a caridiod setup" is NOT always enough.  You MUST model for a specific layout and look at what is going on to get the best results.

Hi Ivan, you're one of my gurus for when we have the time to measure, setup, re-measure, and re-setup...
But modeling at the lounge level ? Or even having the time for the above......
In my mind, 'lounge' is almost a synonym for impromptu....

 on: Today at 06:16:00 pm 
Started by duane massey - Last post by duane massey
To clarify: I am on these gigs as a keyboardist, NOT a sound person, and I learned a long time ago that unsolicited advice is rarely appreciated, especially from a "hired gun". I suspect it is caused by a complete lack of knowledge and/or experience, but I figured I would ask here just to be certain I wasn't missing something.
I will be (hopefully) putting together my own project and will be using an XR18, and plan is to use the preset abilities to simplify and speed up the process. Rarely enough in the budget around here (Houston) to hire a sound person (much less a sound company), so we will be running sound from the stage until the budget will allow the step up.

 on: Today at 06:13:37 pm 
Started by Tim McCulloch - Last post by Keith Broughton
I’ve read the following from RF Venue:

“The only downside to adopting a tray system is that since the tray effectively becomes the antenna to the transmitter, and that antenna, for lack of a better word, sucks (is extremely inefficient), the current drawn from the transmitter is increased, and devices left in trays will bleed battery about 10% faster than when sufficiently isolated or insulated from metal surfaces.”

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Learn something every day! :D

 on: Today at 06:12:35 pm 
Started by duane massey - Last post by kel mcguire
Someone please educate on this. Is there any reason why a band that uses the same mixer with the same basic musicians/gear doesn't have at least a basic mix stored as a scene, and start with that at the beginning?
I've worked with several bands over the past 2+ years, and all are using digital consoles, some mix from stage, some have a FOH person. It seems that every single one starts from scratch at every gig, and no one has anything stored.
What am I missing?

From "scratch" meaning they use different input channels, reset the faders, Eqs, effects? That's baffling. Do you mix bands full of mimes? That's a joke btw  ;D

Even an analog board can be put back in a case with eq, faders and mon mix levels 90% there next gig.

 on: Today at 05:51:59 pm 
Started by Frank Koenig - Last post by Mark Cadwallader
A motor contactor at Mt Wilson

It looks like 3 of the 4 coil springs were hand-wound. (Or were machine wound by a human operator.)

 on: Today at 05:46:52 pm 
Started by Isaac South - Last post by Stephen Kirby
Since a wireless receiver basically has a preamp in it, I've tended to look at their outputs as line level.  I've turned down the output level on mine so it's easier to stuff into any channel.  But if someone comes up to me with one, I'll usually start 10-15dB down from where I usually set mic inputs.  And if it's pegging things, find it's output level.

I also seem to need to toggle back and forth on the mic gain settings depending on how strong singers are.  If I know they're strong, or I hear distortion (typically the receiver is up on the stage but I'll go up and look at the metering if I hear something) then I'll turn the mic down at the next break.  Usually, folks get louder as the show goes on so what might be an occasional clip  in the first set can turn into full Decapitator mode by the last if I don't reset the mic.

I'm also thinking that the OP might want to use his compressor as more of a peak limiter, high ratio, fast attack and fairly fast release, than as a general compressor.  This would allow the speaker to have more dynamics in their delivery but keep the egregious shouts from pegging things.  Once they've set everything upstream to handle those peaks.

 on: Today at 05:42:09 pm 
Started by Debbie Dunkley - Last post by Debbie Dunkley
I get emails from Carvin.
The first batch after the closing announcement  reflected 20% closeout discount and I took advantage of a couple of things. Then a week or so later it went down to 10% and shows many items out of stock.
Today I get an email advertising 20% again but this time "prices already discounted". I went on to the website to take a quick look and checked out a few things - all the prices are what they were before the sale. In other words, they are advertising 20% off but charging full price.

 on: Today at 05:41:23 pm 
Started by Tony Mamoh - Last post by Ivan Beaver
The clients that pay the biggest bucks to rent my gear typically ask for 18" drivers. I have tried to be very specific about what I need, and deliberately excluded multiple other factors that are of little benefit to me. Again, the only important thing is switchable /auto voltage for a 1-18" sub. I am not interested in 1-15 or 2-18 subs or other wonderful contraptions. I am very specific about my requirement.

You are asking a question that has a number of variables, of which we really don't know.

I know you are new here, but people really are trying to help you make a GOOD decision, not just any decision.

It is best to not get an attitude and help others help you.

A simple answer to a complex question results in WRONG answers.

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