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 on: Today at 09:27:50 pm 
Started by danboy777 - Last post by danboy777
Yeah, pretty much no one knows.

I hope that isn't true!!

 on: Today at 09:09:05 pm 
Started by danboy777 - Last post by Ray Aberle
Yeah, pretty much no one knows.

 on: Today at 09:06:28 pm 
Started by Scott Olewiler - Last post by dave briar

I am not sure at this point I even  want to stay with Music group for FOH. Might keep  current x32 system ( producer and S16 boxes) for monitor world and buy a rack mounted splitter snake and change brands for FOH. Of course that is going to cost a lot more money but I am Really starting to like the A&H stuff.

...and I know I sound like a broken record here but the lack of customizable layers on either the X or M32 really kills it for me personally.  It took a while but I have finally arrived at an uneasy peace with the considerably less powerful/configurable QU-24 at my normal venue largely due to its its single customizable fader layer.  Heck it even has a touch screen for naming channels/scenes rather than the X/M32's scroll-around-a-matrix-of-characeters-and-pick method reminiscent of a Stephen Hawking typewriter.

 on: Today at 09:05:25 pm 
Started by Dave Guilford - Last post by Mike Caldwell
always wanted a reason to use this bc the iem way works 99% of cases but

freaking laser beams

I think at one time they offered that with an analog audio IO.
Says it not affected by rain but I still wonder how hard of rain it would actually work in or snow for that matter.

Anyone actually ever used one?

 on: Today at 08:58:11 pm 
Started by danboy777 - Last post by danboy777
Hi, I need wireless hdmi. I've found what seem to be good products but getting reviews is mostly a challenge. The amazon products reviewed are 3.5 stars. I need a bit better than that. It needs to work without a wireless signal as often a wifi signal isn't available in the room. It'll go from my pc or mac laptop hdmi and plug into the hdmi on my projector. I'm looking here - I "do" game shows for companies nationwide. I'm not only the host but I set up all the a/v with my assistant. Our biggest wrestling match is how do I get my assistant on a laptop viewing the screen the same way I am, not from behind it as that candidly requires more thinking every time someone rings in. So to be able to put him in front of the stage or off to the side would solve a ton of problems. Obviously having a hdmi wire on a stage being walked across over and over is a pain and an accident waiting to happen. SO, I need something that is solid with performance. YES, if it failed here or there I could always go and hardwire but ultimately it needs to work.

 on: Today at 08:39:43 pm 
Started by Peter Kowalczyk - Last post by Geoff Doane
Corner stages SUCK.  Uniformly, always, and forever.

I just did a gig this past weekend at the exception that proves that rule.

Normally, I would agree with Tim, but this particular room defies logic.  Except for carpet on the floor and acoustic tile in the ceiling, the stage is not particularly dead either, with stucco on the walls.  But the bands seem to actually enjoy the "live" quality that the finish imparts, and it's never been a problem out front.

But one thing they didn't get right was the location of the range receptacle (NEMA 14-50R).  They installed it half way up the wall, right behind where the drummer would usually sit.  A 14-50R is a relatively inexpensive amenity to provide for anybody who comes in with their own distro, but please put it slightly off stage, on one side or the other, where it can be used more easily.  They also located the breaker panel at the back of the stage rather than some place which can always be accessed easily, as previous posters have mentioned.


 on: Today at 08:36:35 pm 
Started by Bob Faulkner - Last post by Bob Faulkner
Gotcha. Not YOUR events then.
Other than hanging a couple or 3 mics and a small mixer of your own to feed a wireless link to the camera, I got nuttin.
Right.  Was going to video some events, but my onboard camera mic does not do well picking up bass, also, it has a rather "narrow" mid-range to it.

I have been recording video of local music for a few years for my youtube channel. I started out with a Canon HF10 hard drive (which would bork if the bass was to much even with the vibration setting on) based camcorder and a Sony ECM-MS908C stereo mic to mount on top.

 Then I ungraded to a Canon HF S100 SD card unit and bought a used Azden SGM-2X mic. I have used it in both super-cardioid and cardioid modes.

 I have also done this. I have a couple of small 2-1 mixers from Beachtek and Saramonic I can put on the camcorders. It takes a mic like the Azden and then I have a wireless Sony system which I can put the audio transmitted from an aux  or tape out of the board or a mic out in the room with a transmitter into the camcorder so you get on camera audio on 1 channel and board/ room mic audio on the 2nd channel.

 I now setup a Zoom HR40 and feed transmitted audio from the cameras or the board to it's 2 external input channels and the internal mics do their thing. I used to use Presonus Live for audio editing but for my relatively non-professional needs I have using Audacity. I use Sony Vegas for the video.
If you want you can check out the videos. The older ones are with the Sony mic. My channel is FritzCat200

Thanks - will check out the videos.
The best sound I've heard from a camera recording was done using a Rode NT4.
It's really good value for money.

I used it as a drum OH for years until I got a deal on a pair of better mics.
Looks good.  Will check into this one.

In the same way this is a forum for live sound folk, there are places the film/video sound folk hang out.  Two I know of are and

Perfect.  Thank you.

 on: Today at 08:08:04 pm 
Started by Justin Goodman - Last post by Steve Litscher
Is there a certain frequency range you’re looking to cover? I only ask because the JTR Captivator 212 Pro is an amazing sub, especially for its size. It does a “true” (3rd party verified) 39Hz, and would possibly work very well for you.

We have six of them and love them.

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 on: Today at 07:52:21 pm 
Started by Justin Goodman - Last post by Justin Goodman
In the market for a compact 15" sub with punch for small to medium venues and recorded music.  The 3 models in the subject line are models I've found on my own.  Ideal characteristics:
-Small form factor
-High output (relative to form factor)
-Powercon Connector
-Soft limit of 75lbs (single person hand carry-able)

Any other models I should be looking at? Has anyone heard multiple models above and able to offer a comparison? Unfortunately, the nearest dealers of this product that may have it on hand are >2.5 hours away from me. 

 on: Today at 07:40:28 pm 
Started by Guy Morris - Last post by Andrew Broughton
My guess would be either a clock setting or the Dante patch.

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