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Author Topic: URGENT: Need Comtek MR182 manual  (Read 2021 times)

Ian Garrett

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URGENT: Need Comtek MR182 manual
« on: August 02, 2007, 08:13:42 pm »

I have a productoin of Annie going on this week (opening night is tonight).  I'm on vacation in D.C. right now, and got a call that one of the receivers is picking up a radio station.  Perhaps someone here might be able to help too.  We have 6 of these base stations running, and only one is exhibiting problems.  

I had the guy filling in (more of a squint than noise boy) pull cables, reseat antennae, and do anything that came to mind to fix the problem, but to no avail.  We've narrowed the problem down to mic (receiver) 6.  It's picking up radio, and it apparently is pretty noticeable in the house.  Frequency is 185.425 MHz, and nothing turned up anywhere remotely close to that on the Shure frequency finder.  

I admit my knowledge on wireless is thin at best, but I'm working on it.  A question: I'm using balanced XLR from the receiver to the board (RAMSA SR44.24), pulled it, and still got radio.  Is it possible that a ground came loose somewhere inside the unit itself, and that's letting the radio down the line.  

Antenna distro is not the best I've seen.  As far as I know, it's three mounted to the front of the sound booth, probably 10" long, black, and flexible.  I believe they just split the coax coming out like you would with cable TV and send it to two receivers each.  I know, terrible, but I can convince them to upgrade.  

I have no idea if they've tried it without the body packs on, but I'm supposed to hear back from them at intermission.  If someone has the user manuals for these (found the next model up on Yahoo), could you please send it to ian.garrett at myoasis dot colum dot edu

EDIT: I just remembered, we couldn't find the squelch on these units, so I didn't get a chance to adjust them.  Also, the space has a metal roof over everything, with HVAC outside the back stage wall.  And these receivers apparantly worked perfectly yesterday.  

Thanks in advance
Ian Garrett
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