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Author Topic: EV FM1202 Anyone?  (Read 11306 times)

Rufus Crowder

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Re: EV FM1202 Anyone?
« Reply #10 on: February 20, 2007, 03:58:30 pm »

Bob Urtz wrote on Sat, 10 February 2007 00:36

I've got 8 of them that I use and they're pretty bullet-proof.  I rarely hear complaints about the sound, quite contrarily I receive many compliments. The rat fur can get pretty ugly but you can't beat the efficiency for a passive box. Al's right about being enough room on the input plate for a pair of NL4's, but just barely leaving enough room to get you finger in to unlock the cable.  Make sure you position the NL4 in such a way that the lock is facing the open area of the plate when it's in the locked position.  

I recently was torn between upgrading to something a little newer and nicer looking or just fixing up the old 1202's.  I opted to fix them up.  There isn't a wedge on the market that I know of in the price range that can touch them. They do need some EQ to keep the feedback from escaping , though.  I ripped the rat fur off, recessed the handle (easier for stacking) and put another one on the other side, put a recessed NL4 input on each side, replaced the crossovers with SX300 crossovers (much more of a crispy top end) and replaced the woofers with the DL12BFH (qrx series) which are lighter and sound smoother, at the expense of some efficiency.  Here is a pic of the result...

I have two of these boxes and would like to put them back in service.  Where did you buy your replacement drivers from?  I want to make sure that it is worth the expense.

Bob Urtz

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Re: EV FM1202 Anyone?
« Reply #11 on: February 21, 2007, 08:44:48 pm »

got 'em from full compass. Ask for the parts department, don't go throught the standard sales department.  The price was a lot lower than anywhere else, even without the quantity discount.

Rob Lavender

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Re: EV FM1202 Anyone?
« Reply #12 on: February 26, 2007, 09:20:33 pm »

Yp, I have to agree.. I first started using EV FM1202's and 1202ER's in 1989.. We just came off of a tour sponsored by JBL. We had blown the 12's in 4 out of 8 JBL monitors (don't remember the model number- I was not impressed)

Anyway, I was discussing this with a friend at an audio shop and the EV rep happened to overhear and said he had some 12" monitors we wouldn't blow.. So we gave 'em a try.. He was right we didn't blow any of the FM1202er and the monitors sounded great. We powered them with some Phase Linear 700B's

They are passive, though I have used some bi-amped... I had 10, 4 were standard FM1202 and the other 6 were the ER (extended range) variant.
The only difference between the FM1202 and the FM1202er is that the er uses an EVM12L-proline so it handles 100 watts more power. (rated @300 instead of 200) And the crossover point is
@1600Hz instead of 1500Hz as in the standard FM1202.

When we bi-amped these monitors we were using a Rane AC22 crossover a Crown MA1200 for the 12's and an old Crown DC300A for the Horns.. worked great...

Another note. I have used the FM1202ER with passive crossover, (they had NL4 connectors on the side) in situations where the band wanted bi-amped monitors, and NEVER had a complaint! In fact no-one noticed..

Now that may not be true today, but one thing sure is...
an EV FM1202ER with plenty of power behind it can really shine..

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