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Sticky plastic, moving head lighting


Hey guys,
Not sure im posting in the right place, but I had a recent problem that drove me up a wall.
I have some elation platinum beams, and ive had them for quite some time now.
Recently they started to acquire this sticky problem on the case... drove me mad....

After some googling, I couldn't find anything relating to this problem. (specifically with moving head lights.)
What I did find, was jo smo drinking booze and using it to clean his external HDD, seemed to work, so I used some rubbing alcohol and it ate through the plastic....
So I did some more research, and I found the solution, Baking soda.
Only scrub with your hand though, and work it for about 10 mins.
Worked great and removed all the sticky stuff.

This isnt asking a question, its just to help put something else on the internet for people.
Feel free to comment your solution if you have any other way.

Until next time,
The problem solving lighting guy.

Mac Kerr:

--- Quote from: beanerbeta on March 04, 2018, 04:20:57 pm ---Hey guys,
Not sure im posting in the right place

--- End quote ---

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