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Author Topic: Does it exist? 1U Rack mixer w/stereo panning adjustm and RS232 (PC) control.  (Read 78 times)

Geir Eivind Mork

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I need a mixer, pref. 1U in size. I presume this is going to be equipment that is at least 10-20 years old given that anything with PC controls now uses USB. But unless I can control it using my own software without writing my own USB controller, I prefer the old way using Rs232. I got a dedicated computer controlling my video switches already, they all control using RS232.

I need to control it from the PC (using software I develop myself)

I need to be able to adjust the stereo separation / stereo panning since the sources has the stereo image completely separated and I like to adjust the mixing in those cases that is needed.. I'd prefer to do this through the rs232 (pc) controls but if manual way is the only way I'll live with that.

I need at least 4 stereo inputs and 1 stereo output, more is always better as long as it is within 1U. Of course, if there is a 2U model that does this I'll live with having to rearrange my setup.
I'd like if the inputs were (balanced) terminal block / phoneix connectors, but I'd live with other ways. I do only need line level, but if it supports mics that's neat.

The output will be to an unbalanced amplifier.

I've found units that has balance controls but no rs232 control, and units with rs232 but no balance controls. So I'm trying in a related forum to see if anyone have experience with it?
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Keith Broughton

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An interesting question that might get answered if you use your real name as per the forum rules.
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Mac Kerr

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I need a mixer, pref. 1U in size.

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