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Author Topic: Looking for a 1-18" powered sub with universal voltage  (Read 2955 times)

Tony Mamoh

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Re: Looking for a 1-18" powered sub with universal voltage
« Reply #10 on: December 13, 2017, 12:16:39 pm »

You could, I dunno; google 18" subs and check the spec sheet for universal/120-240vac power supplies.

Incase you didn't notice; everyone here is reluctant to give you a list of subs because we'd rather know your application, desires, needs, first.

If we just said model xxx and yyy have 18" woofers and a universal power supply and you bought it and it "didn't work for you" because you forgot to mention that you needed it to have 1/4" inputs instead of xlr how would we be helping?

Just remember; we're all working professionals and we're not about to just start listing models that work based upon a very small dataset.

That would be like asking a painter to paint your house... well what colors for the walls, doors, baseboards, cabinents, outside, etc also, what type of paint do you want satin/gloss/eggshell/semi-gloss/flat...etc

"nah just paint the house with paint make sure you get 5gal buckets so it costs less."

Try to have an ounce of humility.



-$550 Fender Fortis F-18SUB 18" Subwoofer
-$700 JBL EON 618S 18" Subwoofer
-$600 Alto TS218S 18" Powered Subwoofer
-$750 Avante AV18S

I did this in 20min by going to any online store and putting in powered subwoofer under 800$ and googgling the model number and looking at the spec sheet.

Thanks Nathan for your specific response indicating specific models. Indeed, I was aware of some of those brands/models but certainly not all - so I am glad I shared my question on this forum.

Your response is invaluable and will be very useful in any decision I make going forward. I take responsibility for any decision and don't expect the opinion of others (granted they may be more knowledgeable than I am) to be the primary driver.

One again, I appreciate your direct and to the point response!

Ray Aberle

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Re: Looking for a 1-18" powered sub with universal voltage
« Reply #11 on: December 13, 2017, 12:59:15 pm »

Hi Tony,

I get where you're coming from. You have a specific need predicated on two variables: It's a single 18" powered, and the AC supply must be able to handle a universal input voltage (we'll disregard cable input types).

(Before continuing... PLEASE accept this as a genuine attempt to help you here. I'm not trying to tell you how to run your business, or what other factors you should be considering in your purchase. But, I can see where the discussion went, and the responses given.)

However, one of the most common fallacies on the forums here are instances where someone buys a bunch of (commonly) un-related equipment, and posts, "Here's what I have, how do I make it work together?" Their approach SHOULD have been, "Here's the end result that I would like to reach. Please help me determine what pieces I should purchase to best achieve that result." Those threads inevitably end up with an upset OP, who is frustrated because they're not being told how to make their (usually totally incompatible) pile-o-stuff work, but instead are being bombarded with posts either explaining why the pile-o-stuff won't work, or asking pointed questions to try and "pry out" the details from the OP as to what their intended result is. "I just need to make this pile-o-crap WORK. I can't afford to buy MORE stuff to add to it," even if that is the only way to proceed.

Your initial post had just the two specifications that you needed to meet. You asked for "recommendations." Now, when someone asks for recommendations, those would be based on what sounds the best, or has the best usable output levels- all of these things that when you were asked for your intended purpose of the subs, you blew those questions off. You circled back to:
The clients that pay the biggest bucks to rent my gear typically ask for 18" drivers. I have tried to be very specific about what I need, and deliberately excluded multiple other factors that are of little benefit to me. Again, the only important thing is switchable /auto voltage for a 1-18" sub. I am not interested in 1-15 or 2-18 subs or other wonderful contraptions. I am very specific about my requirement.

The removal of factors such as sound quality from your request brings me to one conclusion, and this is why you're getting the response you got- you are unwilling to do what Nathan did, and simply do a "Google" search for the appropriate terms. Find powered 18" subs, check their spec sheets, see if they handle universal voltages. The responses you received were from industry professionals who, before giving a recommendation on a particular model, wanted to know more of your intended purpose. That directly impacts the available responses! If you say, "it needs to sound good up to 150dB(A)," and other factors (price, ease of moving, etc) are irrelevant, then you'll get certain responses. If it needs to be "bullet proof for rentals, but the output doesn't need to be as high for one, because you'll be sending out 4 at a time" then other options (those recommendations!) will be presented.

To be candid: The reason that the ProSoundWeb requires the use of Real, Full Names when participating is because, unlike other places on the internet, we all stand behind what we say. Even when a discussion goes down into the weeds, a certain level of professional decorum is maintained. So, at the same time, if Ivan, or Don, or Nathan, make a recommendation of something that will meet your needs (and this also typically means something we've *personally* used, otherwise, how could it be a recommendation?!?), our professional reputations are on the line here. If I tell you to get JBL VRX918SPs (what I use & prefer - and DOES meet your specifications, as it is a single self-powered 18" sub, with universal voltages by means of a switch to go from 115V to 230V), and for whatever reason it doesn't meet your needs, now you're going to think less of me, even though I made that recommendation based on the information originally presented.

I appreciate that you have very specific requirements in your search, but since the aforementioned "Google" search could yield the same results, may I suggest that you start with that? And then, once you have a list of speakers that meet your basic requirements, then revisit this thread. "Here's what I have to choose from- my typical rentals do THIS, THIS, or need THIS, what are your thoughts or have people used any of them?" Then, people won't need to ask as many questions, you know the base list already meets your absolute requirements, and you're going to get better responses in the form of true recommendations from people who have actually used the speakers they recommend.

I'm happy to help in any way I can- I never like seeing people get frustrated on these forums, but it's usually a simple mis-understanding about the reason(s) people ask the questions they ask (in response) -- we're professionals, willing to help people make the best buying decisions possible!

Kelcema Audio
Regional - Serving Pacific Northwest (OR, WA, ID, BC)

Ivan Beaver

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Re: Looking for a 1-18" powered sub with universal voltage
« Reply #12 on: December 13, 2017, 01:23:11 pm »

I'm happy to help in any way I can- I never like seeing people get frustrated on these forums, but it's usually a simple mis-understanding about the reason(s) people ask the questions they ask (in response) -- we're professionals, willing to help people make the best buying decisions possible!

Totally agreed with your whole post.

Many times people ask advice, but they don't understand "the rest of the story" that must be understood in order to search for the best solution.

It often is a lot more complicated than a simple answer will give.

Understanding the WHY, is very important.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people simply don't understand the specifics and reasons for certain questions.

Think of it this way.  If the question is "how do you get from Atlanta to LA?".

The simple answer that lots of people would like to hear is "You go west".

But if that is all the information you have (because you wanted a simple quick answer), it is very likely it will take MUCH longer, at a much greater expense.

BUT, if they has LISTENED to things that were more specific (like road directions, road conditions etc), it would be a much easier trip.

But many do not want to have to think, they just want to do.  And that is usually the WRONG way to approach it.

When people ask questions to the OP here (I often ask questions in the form of trying to get people to actually THINK about what they need and why), it is REALLY to help them, NOT to get them upset.

This can be a VERY helpful place for great advice, but it has to gone about it in a willing method.
A complex question is easily answered by a simple-easy to understand WRONG answer!

Ivan Beaver
Danley Sound Labs

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