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Author Topic: Shop Cleaning Equipment Sale  (Read 513 times)

Luke Geis

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Shop Cleaning Equipment Sale
« on: November 13, 2017, 03:57:54 pm »

Hello all. It is time to clear some space in the shop to make room for new coming gear!!!! I have several items and will not have enough picture space in this post to display them, so I will send pictures to those who are interested. What I can say is that I am particular about my equipments care and maintenance, so you can be assured it looks as good as it performs. If you are interested in anything on the list please feel free to contact me via email at: or you may text me at 805-seven 0 eight- four 6 three 6. All asking prices are what I feel they represent in the market, but reasonable offers will be considered. Shipping is the fun part. I am certain many of these won't be affordable to ship, so likely a local sale is ideal, but I will work with you to help ease the sale.

1. Yamaha LS9-32 with Gator doghouse rolling case. The mixer is in like new condition with mixer cover!!! The case is showing signs of use, but is in 8 out of 10 condition. Asking $4,000.

2. Allen & Heath GL2400 24 channel mixer. Also in very good 8-9 out of 10 condition and comes with a no brand case. Asking $1,000.

3. EAW LA212 12" speakers. These show obvious signs of use. They have not been abused however and work 100%. Asking $600 each and I have 2 available.

4. Renkus Heinz CFX121M monitor speakers. These are in relatively good condition and are about an 7-8 out of 10. They look great from the sides that count. Definitely not abused except by the rap group LMFAO who decided to kick one off the stage......  It still works amazingly!!! Anyway, I am asking $400 each and have 3 available.

5. JBL PRX512M 12" powered speakers. Always amazed by these!!! They are in decent shape but could use a new foam grill backing. I have never seen a red light on them and are very well treated despite their long service life. I got these new in 2008 and they really are great speakers. I am asking $500 each and have 2 available. SOLD!!!!

6. JBL PRX518S 18" powered sub. Again, a good performer and in good shape for its age. Asking $500 each and have 2 available. SOLD!!!!!

7. Driverack PA ( the original one ) from around circa 2005. Looks like new and has always lived in a rack. Asking $150.

8. Behringer DSP2496 digital EQ. Amazing little unit from the B word. In near perfect condition for both units and I have 2 available. The downside is they came from two different periods so they have a slightly different look to them. One has the shinier finish and the other the duller finish. Asking $200 each.

9. dbx 266XL compressor / gate. What can I say, I was young...... It is in perfect condition though!!! Perhaps $50 will get it gone?

10. Ashely XR80 / 18 4 way mono crossover!!!!!! This sale is special. What is unique about these is that they are the rarer 18db slope filters and have one or two of the warranty cards still attached. Another unique thing is that of the three I have, two have sequential serial numbers and the third is pretty close. They do have missing silver knob covers and there are scratches and obvious signs of age, but they are from the mid 80's, and have been used with great success. I am not into vintage and or gear owned by famed people, so I guess someone will appreciate them more than me? These were acquired after a death and given to me as a gift as the estate was being renovated for a sale in the Santa Ynez Valley of someone you probably have heard of?!?!?! Asking $400 each and I have 3 available.

Here is a link to some pics for those interested:
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