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Author Topic: worst gear ever?  (Read 7567 times)

Craig Hauber

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Re: worst gear ever?
« Reply #90 on: October 10, 2017, 10:27:13 pm »

I still have a PL400 (in my amp display collection) that would "DC" and then be just fine on the bench.

I spent hours trying to get it to fail (on the bench).  But take it to a gig and sometime during the gig it would fail.  Then be just fine when I got it on the bench.

I have resoldered all of the connections several times.  I am thinking intermittent part.  I never bother to completely rebuild it.

I only used on HFs, and they could take them out REAL quick

With me they always failed in a permanent way.  (Was beginning to think my repair guy was deliberately doing poor work just to keep business up!)
Started running mids and HF at no lower than 16 or 32 ohm and they seem to behave -also used XLR's for speaker connections so even brief shorting wasn't an issue .  Never lost diaphragms as there was caps in series, just hated being amp-less during an event (times were tight -no spares) 
Remember having to use a Sansui home stereo receiver to run HF on mains once.  Crossed it over really high that night -let the 12's run up to 4k just to baby that receiver as best I could.
-funny how you remember things that far back.

Other crappy gear:
-anything DOD
-Uni-Sync Trouper-1 "Live Music Mixing System"
-EV BK 2432 mixer
Craig Hauber
Mondak Sound Design
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brian maddox

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Re: worst gear ever?
« Reply #91 on: October 14, 2017, 03:29:50 am »

Nothing about the KF860/1 series can be thought of as "lightweight".  Just sayin... 8)

For those who subscribe to the 'build fine hernias, 12 ways" school, the KF860 are 6 ft wide, 32 in deep and weigh around 370 lbs each.  It's a vertical array element, the 861 is the wider dispersion version.

Data sheet here:

My first line array...

NOT a good day for me however...

We deployed these literally straight out of the cardboard boxes on to a hill West of a certain well recognized Building of Ineffectiveness....  Also known as the U.S. Capitol.

Anyway, we were on grass.  On a Hill.  Rigging a PA we’d never seen.  That weighed nearly 400 pounds a box but was somehow too compact to get more than two guys on.  It was a Very Bad Day.

Never had I heard So Much Swearing.  Didn’t help that the rigging elements were actually called “Pucks”. I thought Local 22 was gonna show up at my house that night just to ‘teach me a little lesson’.


Then we fired the thing up.  Sounded absolutely horrible.  Until it was properly dialed in.  And then it sounded totally amazing.  The coverage over distance was nothing I’d ever experienced before.  And the frequency response compared to what I was used to was beyond compare.

It was my first experience with a real line array and with real ‘processed’ PA systems.  A true turning point for me.  Things were never the same.

But Holy Deity those things were The very definition of PITA....
brian maddox

' not trifle with affairs of dragons...

       ....for you are crunchy, and taste good with ketchup...'
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