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Digital snakes and compatibility


Sean Barry:
Digital snakes and compatibility

I have a Qu 32 Chrome and am considering the move to a digital snake and stage boxes. ProCo has some offerings for the snake

Musician's Friend SKU J00647 000001000 ProCo 150' cat5 $107^221957295827-device^c-plaid^376911720927-sku^J00647000001000@ADL4MF-adType^PLA

Sweet Water ProCo 150' cat5 $220  Manufacturer part#  C270201-150F
or this    $169
This would be used indoors and out for live mixes of bands.
     I can't see the differences? As far as the pricing? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Rob Spence:
I have a TMB Proplex from Mike Pyle that I use with my GLD80 to either a AR2412 or a AB168. I got a 100' model and if I were doing it again I would get 150'.
Initially it was a bit stiff but by the time I got 4 or 5 gigs on it, it loosened up and made for easy over/under coiling.

I would buy it again.

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Jordan Wolf:
ProPlex is great stuff; we use one from a company called Quabbin that is rugggedized and works well. It's CAT6a, but there are other offerings.


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