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Author Topic: Stage monitors - how much is enough?  (Read 2028 times)

Chris Grimshaw

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Re: Stage monitors - how much is enough?
« Reply #40 on: May 23, 2018, 09:21:18 am »

Bumping this back up.

So, the 12" RCF driver is a 300w unit with a 1" HF unit firing through a 60-degree circular horn. The midbass section is okay, but very much geared towards mid-band sensitivity at the expense of low-frequency response in a small box - it really wants a cabinet that's around 40L to get flat to the mid-70s, or 27L to be flat to 100Hz.

Of course, you can just throw some EQ around, but 300w isn't a lot of power handling and I'd like to keep these cabinets as flat as possible without needing external EQ.

The Faital Pro 10FH520 is a good 10" unit that can match the RCF 12" coaxial, on account of having more thermal power handling (600w), and more linear cone travel (7.5mm, 50% more than the RCF). The FP 10" has a much more powerful motor, so can provide the same LF response of the RCF in a 10L cabinet, compared to the 27L of the RCF.

When it comes to going loud from a small box, it looks like the Faital Pro 10" is the one to go for, although the RCF does have a sensitivity advantage.

In all cases, I've gone for a similar low-frequency response to the EV XW15A monitors mentioned elsewhere - flat to 100Hz.

Now, my main PA speakers happen to have the Faital Pro 10FH520 drivers in there, so I'm going to pull one and build a prototype cabinet. I also happen to have some compression drivers that look like B&C DE250s, and 18Sound XT120 horns, so this might come together quite quickly.
Crossover will be 2kHz, since the 10"s get messy above that. I'll start active, take measurements, etc, and then see about doing a passive crossover.
I'd prefer to have a cabinet that can be used on stands for small venues, so a seperate horn of something like 90x60 dispersion would be useful in that regard. The RCF's 60-degree dispersion might be a bit narrow for that.

I also considered the new drivers from 18Sound that feature Active Impedance Control. Instead of demodulating rings, it adds a small coil that's driven by the amplifier to counter-act magnetic flux modulation. A rather neat idea, and their paper does show reduction in distortion, but their offerings don't have the power handling to keep up with the Faital Pro unit.

That's all for now.


PS - Mods, if you feel it'd be best to split this off to a new thread, feel free.
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