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Playing around with some subs

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Timo Beckman:
Played around with some subs last week and made some screen captures......

Enjoy ;-)

Timo Beckman:
And a new post on my blog where i use 2 Fulcrum Acoustic CS121 passive cardioid subs in a End Fired config.


Timo Beckman:
And the last one for now

Riley Casey:
Excellent stuff Timo - thanks for going the extra kilometer to document and share this info.  I have a question for you and the wider subwoofer measuring crowd.  I've notice that several manufactures are building self contained cardiod subs in which the rear or subtractive driver is not the same size as the primary driver.  The d&b with an 18 forward facing and a 12" rear facing comes to mind.  Have you tried experimenting with separate subs of different sizes and configurations say a dual 18 as the primary forward facing box and a single 18 as the back subtractive box?

Timo Beckman:
Only once or twice (i did some crazy stuff. Found out about it going trough the older stuff at my blog  8))

A guy that build a sh*t load of lab horns needed to cancel around 50Hz since his main thing was working with DJ's working on turn tables.
So a little sub was used to create a reduction at the 50Hz region which was just enough to get what the guy wanted......

Turns out there was 2 of those little guys (it's been some time ago so i forgot about the twins instead of 1)

The challenge on this kind of array is not the reduction at the back near field nor far field. It's finding out which of the 2 you need to not get in to trouble with local permits regarding SPL levels.

I've had a close encounter with the D&B cardioids. On that production my spot was 3 to 4mt away at the back from a whole bunch of them at a hardcore dance event a couple of years ago. After the 2nd DJ i had to get away from there because the pressure at the back of them was literally sickening......


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