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Author Topic: JBL PRX 15" active speaker specs  (Read 752 times)

Tony Mamoh

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JBL PRX 15" active speaker specs
« on: July 28, 2017, 04:23:12 pm »

I am thinking of purchasing some PRX 15" active speakers. I will like to know the major differences in evolution of that product line from the PRX 615, PRX 715 and PRX 815 series. I know that the pre-815 series are discontinued but due to budget reasons; I accept that I may have to buy used if I insist on the legacy PRX series

I am aware that the PRX 815 includes a 50ms delay feature but don't know if

1) Other models include this delay feature?
2) Is the 50ms adjustable or fixed?
3) Will appreciate any major spec changes through the product lines.


Mark Cadwallader

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Re: JBL PRX 15" active speaker specs
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2017, 12:42:51 am »

Tony, I recall this question coming up before. I suggest you try the search function on the forum.

The PRX 615 had neo speakers, and claimed 500 watt x 2 amps. The PRX 715 did not have the neo speaker magnets, and was somewhat heavier. The 715 claimed 750 watts x 2 power, but had the same SPL as the 615. The shape of the 715 worked better as a monitor than the 615. FWIW, I own 12 of the PRX 600 series speakers: 612, 615, and 618sxlf.
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Debbie Dunkley

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Re: JBL PRX 15" active speaker specs
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2017, 09:45:43 am »

A few more differences having owned both PRX600 series and 700 series. ( I owned the 12' but basically the same differences apply)

The DSP amp panel on the 700 series was improved. 2 x XLR mic or TRS line inputs instead of only 1, front light defeat, ch1 or 2 thru selection,  RCA inputs. They were only 1 db apart in SPL. The biggest change was adding a fan instead of using heatsink.
I never used mine side by side, I'd already sold the PRX612's before I purchased the PRX712's but I would say they were very close in sound.

The 15" actual weight difference is 4lbs caused by the heavier magnet which isn't too much in the 15" size.. 
I really liked the weight of my PRX 612's though - one of the few speakers I could easily lift up onto stands myself!

From what I understand , the PRX 800 series is basically the same as the PRX700 series but with added wireless configuration.
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