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Author Topic: Best way to mix band in-ear and house system  (Read 4972 times)

Jay Barracato

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Re: Best way to mix band in-ear and house system
« Reply #10 on: January 22, 2017, 08:19:27 pm »

No, use you own mics & DIs.  I think every band that brings their own IEM rig needs a complete stage package - mics, cables, stands, sub-snakes, and a long enough split tail to reach the house input box.  That means 50' at minimum and 75' would be better.

Minimize stands with Z-bars or Cab-Grabbers for guitar rigs, clip on mics for drums (with a drum cable loom), etc.  The idea is that as soon as the PA inputs are muted you can disconnect the mic lines and strike the back line gear.  We work with a lot of 'bus and trailer' bands that do exactly this.  They can have the deck cleared of big stuff in 5 minutes, and another 5 min to get cables and the IEM rack off the stage.  Some of them can do the whole thing in 5 minutes, it's amazing to watch.

Consider doing one more thing... keep a couple of spare lines in your splitter tail to house - you'll always need spares AND you can send a L/R mix from your X32 to the house in situations where the house cannot accommodate your needs (not enough inputs, inadequate house mixerperson etc.).
This was my strategy when I was with the band.

However, the reality in the club seems to be, while a couple bands have complete setups, many just have primary vocal mics and are looking to use my instrument mics plus a couple for backup vocals.

My suggestion of having their own mic package for consistency often gets blank looks as a response.

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Jay Barracato

Scott Levine

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Re: Best way to mix band in-ear and house system
« Reply #11 on: October 23, 2017, 03:20:20 pm »

I mixed monitors for Darlene Love last weekend.  She had her scaled down band and only needed 7 mixes.  Only the bass player needed an in-ear mix.  I plugged it into it's own omni on the Yamaha CL5 Reo rack and managed it easily enough.  I just made sure not to blow out any eardrums!

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