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Author Topic: EWI Active DI box and other questions for Audiopile order...  (Read 6199 times)

kel mcguire

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Re: EWI Active DI box and other questions for Audiopile order...
« Reply #30 on: August 13, 2014, 01:37:16 pm »


I bought a few EWI snakes. I like their cables. You have places to hide snake boxes and such. For my Downstage vocals I like the Whirlwind dropbox since the XLR are on the side of the box and lay flat. Sometimes you can hide a vertical style snake box behind a monitor, and sometimes you can't and it's an eyesore.

Jeff Hague

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Re: EWI Active DI box and other questions for Audiopile order...
« Reply #31 on: August 15, 2014, 10:57:30 am »

I'm about to order some gear(mostly cables and adapters) from Audiopile for my church band(I'm buying personally).

First: How good is the active DI that they sell? I'd have to spend at least twice what it costs to get a Radial or Countryman. I'm needing something better for our passive bass guitar and the passive pickup one of our acoustic guitar players uses. Currently my DI inventory consists of several very cheap Pyle DIs I bought from Amazon a few years ago; they're fine for keyboard and active pickups but sound terrible for passive pickups.

Second: Is there any reason not to get the Starline mic cables? I know they're not genuine Neutrik and not quite as nice as the premium, but from what I've seen on here they're pretty good. Right?

Also what length of mic cable is standard/best/prefered(I realize that this is one of those "It depends" questions, but what is most common)? Most of what I have now are 25ft with several shorter ones too. I'm thinking getting some 30+ft ones would be good for when we play larger stages(doesn't happen very often, but we've had problems before). We currently have enough for our normal setup so these would mainly be spares or for when we need extras.

Thanks in advance,

I have used the EWI passive and acctive DIs for 6+ years with no problems and my ears cant tell the difference between those and the occaisonal Radial or Countryman that someone might bring.
I havent used their cables but I have several of their snakes and have bought a bunch of gear from Audiopile and everything is good quality - they are excellent folks to deal with too! I am actually biting the shipping bullet in about a week for a big order of EWI cases instead of buying local (they ar in WA and Im in VA) just bc I know theyll be good.
As far as cable lengths I have found that 15', 25' and 50' are all I need. You wont get much bang for the buck going from 25' to 30'. The only time Id use different lengths is maybe for a loom for a drum kit in which case Id typically make the cables myself.
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