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Author Topic: PlayBack Music from Phone's  (Read 9099 times)

Scott Carneval

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Re: PlayBack Music from Phone's
« Reply #30 on: April 07, 2014, 04:13:00 pm »

I don't play that game.  I do an annual talent show for a HS client of mine and the organizer compiles the music onto one CD or thumb drive, and sits with me while we go through each song and name the 'artist' field to the students name.  This year I was even lucky enough to get start and stop points from her. 

Now for my horror story, two weeks ago I provided sound for a good friends wedding, free of charge.  A friend of the bride came up last minute with the brides phone and had songs to be played for guests being seated, the processional, and the recessional.  There wasn't time or the means to load the songs onto my laptop, so we were forced to use the phone.  The friend began to tell me which songs to play and for how long and I politely told her it would be best if she controlled the phone and I would control the volume.  She made it through the seating and processional just fine, but when she attempted to play the recessional song (walking back down the isle after getting married) the iPhone wouldn't load the music app.  It crashed 3 times before it finally loaded, and at that point the bride and groom had already walked.  I suspect it was because she decided to film the entire ceremony on the brides phone and it probably ate up a lot of memory and bogged it down.  Either way, major fail!

Tommy Peel

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Re: PlayBack Music from Phone's
« Reply #31 on: April 07, 2014, 05:07:13 pm »

I always ask for 256K or higher mp3s in advance for review. I always offer to re-purchase the tracks if they sound bad (like the 64k streams captured off a YouTube video) at my expense.  If it sounds like crap the audience thinks its the engineer's or system's fault.  A buck is a cheap way to remedy this.  I tell them there is no guarantee I can read anything on the day of the show.

I've done this for church stuff on multiple occasions... If I'm lucky the track is on Spotify(I have Premium, so no ADs), but sometimes I have to buy from iTunes. The problem I'll run into at church is the lack of internet in the sound booth(actually the entire auditorium); the only place with internet is in the office around a 100 yards from the main auditorium in a different building. Oh and there's no cell service there...  ::)
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