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Author Topic: Vocal microphones  (Read 38143 times)

Richard Penrose

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Re: Vocal microphones
« Reply #130 on: February 28, 2017, 02:51:59 am »

It also says on Telefunkens website the M80 has a tight cardioid pickup pattern? It is a little confusing that on the Telefunken site it appears they say it is a tight cardioid pattern then on another page it says supercardioid!?

Andrew Henley

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Re: Vocal microphones
« Reply #131 on: April 01, 2017, 01:22:19 am »

I stock the following mics:

(1) D 112 (love this on baritone sax, and kick drums without holes)
(1) C1000S (last choice, unless I need an audience mic that can get rained on)

(1) SM7b (can be useful as bass cabinet mic)
(10) SM57
(10) SM58
(2) SM81
(4) Beta 52a
(4) Beta 57a
(6) Beta 58a
(1) Beta 91a
(1) Beta 87a (picky mic, only used with low stage volume)
(1) KSM8 (still getting used to this one, only use for top notch vocalists)
(2) KSM137
(6) QLXD/SM58 wireless (with RF Venue combiner/D-Fin...btw, the RF Venue products are awesome!
(2) SLX4/SM58/Beta58 wireless

(1) D2 (great for horns)
(1) D4
(1) i5 (quite nice on snare, and durable)
(1) f14 

(3) AT-4050
(2) AT-4041

(6) e604
(2) EW100 G3 lavs
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Re: Vocal microphones
« Reply #132 on: May 11, 2017, 01:42:41 pm »

One microphone i've always hated is the Shure SM58, yes it's hardwearing and a workhorse mic but it's frequency response isn't great, I used to own one and used other SM58 too various places. I then bought an AKG D5 and was shocked how much clearer the sound was, it's WAY better in my opinion for vocals. My favourite microphone though is or was (because I don't use them anymore) the Neumann KMS-105 it's a brilliant vocal microphone.

Jonah Powell

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Re: Vocal microphones
« Reply #133 on: July 19, 2017, 12:37:23 am »

I've been around the block with vocal mics, starting with the Shure sm-58 then on to the e838 (not 835--look it up.  Same frequency chart as 935 and sounds identical).  Also have Blue encore 300, which is a great vocal condenser.  Another great mic is the MBHO mbd219sc, sc for super cardioid.  The MBHO is a dynamic mic that sounds like a condenser, but with a tighter pattern and without all the bad behavior.  I also have some ev 767a mics that sound decent out front, but for the performer the proximity effect is strange and changes wildly with slight distance variations.

With all of that said, I'm back to the sm-58 for daily use and love the way they sound through my Danleys.  A lot of what I had attributed to the sm58 that I didn't like was actually what I didn't like about my JBLs.  There is a harshness in the top end of the sennheisers that i find displeasing and false, and good vocal intelligibility is hard to achieve despite the "crisp" top end.
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