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Author Topic: Suggestions on basic system setup  (Read 671 times)

Erick Swihart

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Suggestions on basic system setup
« on: July 06, 2010, 12:26:00 pm »

So at the venue I work at we finally managed to convince the owner to replace the outdated, barely functional, GL3 with a new GL2400.

Here is the basic system ignoring monitors for the moment.

Yamaha S115VI x 2
Powered by XTI2000 stereo

JBL SRX718 x 2
Powered by XTI4000 in stereo

Everything is processed in a Driverack PA.

Now the GL2400 is set up to use the mono fader for aux fed subs.  This seems to me to be a very good solution and I am toying with the idea of changing the system over to run Aux fed.  My concern is we have a fairly popular DJ night every week and I don't know how well aux fed subs work in this environment.  Also, with various BEs coming in for bands is this something that will be an issue.

Also, because of where the amp rack is located and the type of crowds we generally have I was wondering if the front panel lockout in the XTI's actually locks out the input attenuator.  I would really like to have the attenuator be at 100% when the system is setup and running properly.  Otherwise I'm sure a customer or band that thinks things need to be louder will turn them up anyway.

What I am thinking about doing is using the DRPA to run the tops and using the built in crossover on the XTI4000 to process the subs running off of aux 6.  Does this seem like an appropriate solution for this setup?  Also, how does the XTI4000 handle the running a pair of SRX18's?  I've heard mixed results but as of right now our subs are grossly underpowered.

Any advice?


Gene Hardage

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Re: Suggestions on basic system setup
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2010, 12:51:43 pm »

You could skip the DRPA and use the Xti DSP - download System Architect from the Crown site and use a laptop to set both amps up with basic functions then use the lockout feature when done.  (one less thing in the chain that way)  I have that board and I do like the AUX sub feature so hopefully others will too.  If the subs are too weak in stereo on the Xti4000 then try them in bridge mono and you will be at maximum output for that amp.  Be sure to use the DSP to set the limiter and hopefully the DJ's won't kill anything.
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